Blog: Love, Dadaocheng

Fleisch 福來許

When the landlord of #76 Dihua Street (迪化街一段76號) completed a three-year renovation project on the building, he found himself with a bit of a dilemma. Throughout its history, the location had always housed businesses selling herbs and Chinese medicine, and the building’s owner hoped to once again find a family-run medicine shop to rent to. Therefore, when he was approached in 2012 by entrepreneurs Claire Juan and Sean Lin with the idea of opening a restaurant, the landlord was wary. Who were these young outsiders, and would their plan succeed? Should he rent to them, or wait for another tenant that might potentially make a better fit for the neighborhood?

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Doorway 兜味

Tucked into an unassuming street just east of the intersection of Dihua (迪化街) and Guisui (歸綏街), an area where visitors rarely venture, an inviting patio flanks the entrance of Doorway (兜味) a vintage cafe with surprises in every nook and cranny. Though the cafe only opened in September 2013, its quirky decor of mismatched antique chairs, bookshelves, and toys give it the appearance of having been part of Dadaocheng for many decades. This is no coincidence, as the owners have strived from the shop's beginning to infuse it with a vintage feel, from its decor to its glassware to the music playing over the loudspeakers.

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