Blog: Love, Dadaocheng

Rot Vintage 破朽

In a century-old building in a small alley off Dihua Street (迪化街), not far from the noise of the City God Temple (台北霞海城隍廟), a treasure trove awaits. This is Rot Vintage (破朽), a small shop crammed full with rare finds that span the decades of Taiwan’s history.

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Fleisch 福來許

When the landlord of #76 Dihua Street (迪化街一段76號) completed a three-year renovation project on the building, he found himself with a bit of a dilemma. Throughout its history, the location had always housed businesses selling herbs and Chinese medicine, and the building’s owner hoped to once again find a family-run medicine shop to rent to. Therefore, when he was approached in 2012 by entrepreneurs Claire Juan and Sean Lin with the idea of opening a restaurant, the landlord was wary. Who were these young outsiders, and would their plan succeed? Should he rent to them, or wait for another tenant that might potentially make a better fit for the neighborhood?

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Jin Xing Tang Chinese Medicine Shop 進興堂藥行

As you make your way north up Dihua Street (迪化街), you might notice the buildings getting a little smaller, a little older looking, and a little less bustling than their counterparts at the southern end of the street. From their gritty appearance and crowded interiors, you might think that these smaller shops found at Guisui Street (歸綏街) and beyond are on their last legs. However, as Chinese medicine shop owner Xiu-li Jiang (江秀麗) explains, it's this failure to "keep up with the Joneses" that has kept her shop Jin Xing Tang (進興堂藥行) in business all these years.

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