Blog: Love, Dadaocheng

A Stroll Through Dadaocheng History with Ketagalan Media

While Love, Dadaocheng was created with the hope of exploring the neighborhood through visual storytelling, some folks appreciate different formats. For those among you who love podcasts but also would like a healthy dose of Dadaocheng history and culture, you're in luck. In January of this year, Ketagalan Media produced a discussion with project founder Chieh-Ting Yeh and ArtYard founder Jou Yi-cheng about Dadaocheng's past and future growth. 

Ketagalan Media is an online media project aimed at bringing English-language coverage of Taiwan's news, culture, and history to a worldwide audience, and the quality of its work speaks for itself. For those interested in learning about Taiwan in general, do check out the full catalog of podcasts in the Ketagalan Project, located here:

Here's a quick synopsis from Ketagalan Media on what you'll hear in the Dadaocheng episode:

In this special episode, host Chieh-Ting Yeh and guest Jou Yi-cheng go over the history of Dihua Street in the old Dadaocheng neighborhood in Taipei. Known for its specialty shops, we take you on a journey into the 1920s, when Dadaocheng was the cosmopolitan center of Taiwan, connecting it to the rest of the world in the Roaring 20s. We also ponder what that means for Taiwan going into the 2020s and beyond.

You can access the full podcast here, available for streaming online or for download as an MP3:

Happy listening!